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Remodeling Your Home? SAM Can Help

Installing Cabinets - TeamworkRemodeling, when it’s finally time to get that outmoded bathroom, basement, or kitchen up to date. The hour has come to pull up the tiles, knock out the walls, replace the gadgetry, and somehow do so without cluttering the rest of your house with the displaced contents of the room.

Before you flood the room with the stirred dust and yammering noise of construction, you have to figure out what to do with all the personal belongings you were keeping there. In the short term, it can be easy to just let it sit in the hallway, attic, basement, or other areas, but this can be bothersome if it happens to be in the way of other activities. In addition, it can create a safety hazard if it happens to clutter an area too thickly.

If you are subjecting your home to a full-scale remodeling project, the problem becomes more severe. You have to find a place, for both you and your belongings, to stay while your home is under reconstruction and either one can be a significant hassle. Often, people may opt for a storage shed to hold their belongings for the time, but this can be inconvenient, expensive, and possibly insecure. Other options have their own expenses and issues to deal with.

For residents in the Memphis area, there is a convenient storage solution available to help out with remodeling projects. That solution is SAM Store and Move. Here’s how it works:

  • Prior to your remodeling project, you arrange for SAM to drop off a portable storage container.
  • You load the container at your own pace or have SAM arrange for packing assistance.
  • Once the container is loaded, we will relocate it either to a new location or a temperature-controlled storage facility.
  • Once your remodeling project is completed, we’ll transport your storage container back to your home, where you can unload once more at your leisure.
  • We come back to pick up the container once you’re done with it.

Using a SAM container is both secure and convenient. The units are large enough (16x8x8) to hold items from an average 1500 square foot home, and our monthly rates are low enough that it will help keep the expenses of your remodeling project down to a minimum. Other advantages of SAM storage containers are:

  • Weatherproof design, allowing you to take your time loading
  • Translucent roof to allow you to see while inside the unit
  • Strong, sturdy design with a solid security latch for security
  • Easy loading with no ramps
  • Tie-down rings

By having your items stored by SAM Store and Move, you get access to low monthly rates, convenient service, and secure storage. This helps you keep clutter away from remodeling areas or keep your belongings secure while your entire home is being overhauled.

If you are planning a remodeling project and need a way to store your household belongings for a while, SAM can help. In order to learn more about our services or to get a free estimate, contact us today.

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