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How 901 Get a SAM – Store and Move Containers – Can Help with De-Cluttering Projects

BooksStuff is nice, but it has a way of weighing you down if it becomes too much of a presence in your home. Piles or clusters of random household items may make your home feel less functional and more restrictive. This increases stress levels, and your home becomes a less pleasant place to be.

While a de-clutter project can help resolve this, it can be a stressful, tiresome ordeal in and of itself. During the process of de-cluttering, you can ironically create a massive temporary clutter in your home as you figure out which items to keep, which ones to give away, which ones are trash, and so forth. Since most de-clutter projects take a lot of time to complete, this can result in an even worse situation for a few days, weeks, or even months.

Fortunately, there are ways to make de-cluttering easier on you and everyone else in your home. One of the ways to do this is to utilize a SAM storage container.

Temporary Extra Space

SAM Store and Move can drop off an 8x16x20 storage container directly at your home. These units are capable of holding the contents of most 1500 square-foot homes, granting you some extra space in which to handle your sorting.

The storage unit can also be used as a repository for items you intend to put into storage for a while, including anything you won’t likely use in the coming months. It can also be used as a storage space to hold extraneous unsorted items until you feel up to dealing with them all. For example, if you intend to sell certain items off at a garage sale, but cannot presently hold one, you can keep the items for sale in the storage container until the time comes for the sale.

Pace Yourself

There is no rush when using a SAM storage container. They are weatherproof, sturdily built, and secure, and we let you pack them at your own pace. This allows you to take your time with your de-clutter project so you don’t wear yourself out trying to reorganize the entire house in one go.

Also, since the storage container is right there at your house, you can rearrange items and move them around on-site rather than having to constantly rework a faraway storage unit.

From Temporary Storage to Permanent Solution

For items you wish to move into more permanent storage, SAM can help. Once you have put your storage items in the container, we can move it to a new location or to a secure storage facility. The size of the container allows you to move all of your items into storage all at once, which is much better than ferrying them to a storage unit a chunk at a time in your car. This, plus our low monthly rates, makes SAM an ideal solution for your large-volume storage needs.

SAM Store and Move is ready to help cut the stress of your de-cluttering project. To learn more about how we can help you or to get a free quote, contact us today.

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